Why Everyone Should Ride a Bike

by Chicken T

There are lots of ways to get around, but riding a bike is one of the best. Not only is it cheap, clean, and fast - it’s also a great hobby that you can enjoy every time you leave your house.

People who drive cars must spend money regularly to buy gas.

Most people use cars to get around. Cars are quick and convenient, but they’re incredibly expensive, with most cars costing tens of thousands of dollars. The majority of people can’t afford to pay the full price of a car at once, so they have to take out a loan from the bank or pay every month to keep driving the car. If something happens and they don’t have the money to keep paying, they can lose the car because it was never really theirs. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a car isn’t a one-time expense. People who drive cars have to pay for car insurance once a month or once a year, and they must spend money regularly to buy gas. If the car breaks down, drivers have to pay for repairs, too. Cars are handy but expensive.

Bikes, on the other hand, are much cheaper. While bicycle enthusiasts can spend over a thousand dollars on professional-grade bikes, most cyclists don’t need to pay more than a few hundred dollars to get a comfortable ride. Bikes don’t require special insurance and they run on human power via pedaling so they don’t require gas. Most bike repairs are fairly cheap if you take your bike to a local bike shop, and many repairs are straightforward enough that you can learn to do them yourself. You still have to pay for the bike parts, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of auto parts.

Bikes work all the time, whether there is power or not.

Bikes are also better for the environment. They don’t have engines so they don’t deplete finite fuel resources, and they don’t release any toxic emissions into the air when they move. They last for a long time and old bikes can be fixed up to be reusable for decades. Electric cars are becoming a popular option for drivers, but what happens when there is a power outage or a natural disaster, like a flood, that prevents people from charging them? Bikes work all the time, whether there is power or not, and as long as you are able to move your legs to pedal, your bike will be able to move, too.

Cycling can sometimes be even faster than driving a car.

Some people use public transportation or travel on foot to help decrease the pollution caused by cars. Paying to ride the bus or take a taxi every day can be expensive, though, and walking is too slow for most people to arrive at work or school on time if they also have other errands to run. Bikes, however, can be at least twice as fast as walking. They might not be as fast as driving your own car, but while car drivers spend lengthy amounts of time searching for good parking spaces, cyclists can ride directly to their destinations, get off, and lock their bikes to a nearby pole or tree. Plus, on busy or narrow streets, sometimes cars have to wait for other cars that are blocking them from moving. If you’re on a bike you can keep riding because bikes can fit where cars don’t. In congested areas, cycling can sometimes be even faster than driving a car because you don’t have to worry about traffic or a lack of parking.

Cycling is a great form of exercise.

The best reason to ride a bike, though, is because it’s fun. You can feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of riding down a hill. You can see beautiful scenery and stop anytime you want to enjoy the view. You can pedal slowly when you’re tired and faster when you’re full of energy. In fact, your energy will increase if you ride your bike often, because cycling is a great form of exercise. Biking to and from work, school, or other places that you need to go is a convenient way to exercise regularly without having to pay for a gym membership or find time in your busy schedule to go jogging or running. Riding alone gives you time to think and can inspire you with new ideas. Riding with friends feels like an adventure and creates delightful memories you can enjoy for years to come.

Sometimes rainy, windy, or snowy weather makes it too dangerous to ride outside. In those cases, cars and public transportation do offer an advantage. When the weather is nice, however, I think everyone should ride a bike.

Chicken T

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